The Most Bizzare Baby Names of 2012

Believe it or not, parents have gotten crazier since little “Apple” and “Zumba” made their appearance a few years ago. These days, those names qualify as normal. Now, parents are really pushing the boundaries on what they consider “unique” names for their baby.

Take for example¬†little Hashtag Jameson. That’s right. Her parents are so obsessed with Twitter they decided to give their baby the name for the #hashtag. And, if Twitter ever goes away, she’ll be spending the rest of her life explaining where the idea for her name came from.

Don’t feel bad little hashtag. You have Fedora, Yoga, and Excel to keep you company in the “unusual names” category. Maybe you can all play on the playground together, give yourself a group name, like “The Originals.”

Anywoo, back to the names. Baby Center just released their “Most Unusual Baby Names” of 2012. Here’s just a small sampling of what they’ve compiled.

Aspirational: Bond, Casanova, Jedi, Legacy, Popeye, Rogue, Elite Nirvana fans: Cobain Altered names: Devid, Donathan, Villem, Xenon, Zaniel Religious: Exodus, Savior.
Just plain weird: Cello, Drifter, Four, Goodluck, Google, Haven’T, Hippo, HToo, Pate

Fashion-conscious: Couture, Fedora Rolling Stones fans: Jagger Altered names: Joshitha J-names: J’adore, Jazzy, Jeevika, Juju, Jury Aspirational: Ace, Admire, Excel, Monalisa, Oasis, Queenie.

Places: Americus, California, Zealand Just plain weird: Inny, Yoga

For more monikers that you won’t believe until you read them, check out the full list here.