Which Celebrities Can Destroy Your Computer?

The next time you’re about to type Emma Watson’s name into your internet browser’s search bar, think twice. You may be setting yourself up for a computer virus.

That’s the conclusion McAfee recently came to. The software company released its 6th annual Most Dangerous Celebrity List, which ranks celebs to see which ones pose the highest risk for web users in terms of bad links, viruses, malware, and other items that can harm your hardware. Here’s how it works:

Cyber criminals use celebrity names to trick users into coming to their malicious websites. They offer everything from juicy gossip to racy photos– anything to get a person to click on the tempting link. Once the user arrives at this cyber-trapped website, a lot of things can happen. They may unknowingly download malicious software onto their computers, get personal information like usernames and passwords stolen, or have their whole computer hijacked.

Case-in-point: When you search for Watson’s name, there is a one-in-eight chance you’ll land on a bad site. Those are some pretty high odds.

Who are the top 10 most dangerous celebs on the list?

1) Emma Watson
2) Jessica Biel
3) Eva Mendez
4) Selena Gomez
5) Halle Berry
6) Megan Fox
7) Shakira
8) Cameron Diaz
9) Salma Hayek
10) Sofia Vergara

Only one male celeb managed to crack into the top 15: Jimmy Kimel ranked as the 13th most dangerous celebrity on the list. It makes sense when you think about it. Women probably have their favorite websites for gossip and news, so they’d be less likely to click a random link.

But offer a guy links to nude photos of beautiful ladies, and the temptation is too hard to resist. (Pun intended.)

(Source: Most Dangerous Celebrities 2012)