The Most Important Phrase to Learn in Any Language

When traveling to a foreign place, there are a few words and phrases you should have a good grasp on. Greetings like “hello” and “goodbye” and other polite words such as “thank you” and “please” are always important. But if there is one phrase that you should absolutely know when traveling, it’s this: “Where is the bathroom?”

We’re dead serious. You might think there are other phrases more worthy of memorizing, but you can communicate many basic things with hand and body gestures. However, if you’ve ever played a game of charades, you know that using gestures and acting things out can take time for the other person to decipher. So you can afford to take your time finding directions to a restaurant or asking the price of a souvenir, but when nature calls you don’t always have the same luxury. If you have this crucial phrase memorized for the place you’re traveling to, you’ll save yourself time and any potential embarrassment of having to act out the word “bathroom.”

The easiest method? It sounds obvious and yet most people forget about it: Google Translate ( It’s helpful for most basic phrases, so type them into your phone before traveling. Better yet, if you have a smart phone and an international digital plan, have it bookmarked for easy access. You can thank us later.

Check out this video we found of a traveler who needed to use the bathroom upon his arrival in Nepal. He was lucky enough to have a driver who understood basic English, but we still thought the overall video was funny enough to share.