The Most Impressive Cloud Formations Ever Captured on Film

As children, we would often times would lie on our backs in the schoolyard and look up at the big, blue sky. Occasionally, we’d look up and make pictures out of the clouds. Whether it be a huge dinosaur, a Disney character or some distant fairy-tale land, we were able to let our imaginations soar.

Did you know that there is an entire cloud classification system that exists? Back in 1802, Luke Howard named three principal categories of clouds — stratus, cumulus and cirrus, as well as other modifications to accommodate the transitions between each formation.

He also identified the importance of clouds in meteorology: “Clouds are subject to certain distinct modifications, produced by the general causes which affect all the variations of the atmosphere; they are commonly as good visible indicators of the operation of these causes, as is the countenance of the state of a person’s mind or body.”

The clouds above may not stir your imagination enough to take on the exact shape of something, but they sure are out of this world!