The Most Shocking Murder Confessions People Have Ever Posted On Social Media

Serial killers are known to anonymously brag about their terrible crimes—just take a look at the Zodiac Killer or Jack the Ripper, who sent letter to authorities and news outlets to taunt and terrorize the public.

In modern times, criminals are taking to social media to confess—and in some cases boast—about their murderous actions.

Click through the slideshow above to learn about some of the most shocking murder confessions that have been posted to social media. For more details about each case, continuing reading below.

Randy Janzen

Janzen confessed on Facebook to triple murder. He wrote that he had killed his daughter, saying her health issues drove him to do it. He then wrote that he also killed his wife in so that she would never know that their daughter was dead. Finally he said he had to kill his sister so that she would be spared the ‘shame’ of scandal from the first two murders.

Janzen died during a standoff with police.

David Kalac

David Kalac made headlines after he posted graphic photos of his dead girlfriend to 4chan message boards, stating that he murdered her. He wrote “turns out its way harder to strangle someone to death than it looks on the movies,” and “she fought so damn hard.”

Some users at first thought it was all a hoax, but Kalac’s final post instructed everyone to ‘check the news’ for reports of his crime. He said that cops would be coming for him soon and he ‘just wanted to share the pics before they find me.”

He was later arrested

Reddit User Naratto

It is unknown if this confession was real or a hoax, but one Reddit user created a meme that seemingly admitted to murdering a sister’s abusive boyfriend via an induced drug overdose.

Derek Medina

A Florida man shocked his friends when he took to Facebook and posted about how he killed his wife. Derek Medina claimed self-defense, saying she was abusive to him.

He also posted a gruesome crime scene photo of his wife, dead and covered in blood on the floor. He simply wrote “R.I.P. Jennifer Alfonso.”

Medina later turned himself into authorities.

Gypsy Blanchard

23-year-old Gypsy Blanchard shared a joint Facebook account with her mother Dee Dee. One afternoon a chilling post popped up that simply stated “That Bitch is dead!” When friends finally reported their concerns to authorities, Dee Dee was dead and Gypsy had disappeared along with her boyfriend. The lovers were eventually tracked down and taken into custody.

James Thomas

James Thomas’s terrible crimes were discovered after strange posts began popping up on his girlfriend’s Facebook account. Vanessa Taylor’s adult son contacted police with concerns about messages on her account that read “my girlfriend was part of the mob. She came to kill me, so I killed her.”

When authorities arrived at the apartment shared by Thomas and Taylor, they discovered her dead on the floor, strangled with a computer cord.

Thomas had then logged onto her Facebook account where he seemingly confessed to the murder.

Samantha Stansifer

20-year-old Samantha Stansifer stabbed her boyfriend to death before making a Facebook post that confessed to the murder. She then called 911 and again confessed to the murder.

Rosemarie Farid

Rosemarie Farid, 40, posted a chilling video to Facebook in which she described how she had bashed in her roommate’s head after the two fought over her dog. Although Farid’s video only showed a mouth, the narrator goes into detailed description of her frustrations with the roommate.

A friend stopped by the home and found her roommate’s body in a bathtub. Farid was arrested and charged with murder.