Step Inside the Museum of Human Deformities

From art work made out of blood and jars of human skin to even amputated feet, the Mütter Museum has some of the craziest things you will ever see.

Aside from it being completely creepy, the Mütter Museum is actually all about medical history and is run by the College of Physicians of Philadelphia. It has a wide display of actual body parts, bones, human deformities and models that brings in over 13,000 curious visitors each year.

The museum prides itself on a unique collection of pieces. It even encourages viewers to get involved. Those who visit the museum have the opportunity to adopt a skull. Yup, adopt a skull.

With over 100 skulls, those looking to take on a bony friend just have to donate $200. The money will help restore, care and look after the skull. While you don’t get to actually take a the artifact home, you do get your name on a plaque that goes next to it.

We will admit the museum does have some very amazing artifacts, but we can’t help but think we would be more than just a little scared to be in there alone.