The Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword: Student Beaten to Death by Classmates

According to The Times of India, a 17-year-old Class XI student at a government school in Pur village was beaten to death Friday by his classmates when he refused to hand over his pen.

As police and onlookers stood on the sidelines, Monu Valmiki was viciously beaten by about nine other students for over half an hour.

Earlier that day, a brawl took place in the classroom when one of the perpetrators became infuriated that Valmiki wouldn’t obey his orders. After the incident was over, a few students warned him that after school they would teach him a lesson.

While standing outside waiting for the bus to take him home, Valmiki was overcome by those seeking revenge–eventually falling to the ground to his death.

No one intervened to stop the attack, which led people from the Dalit community, where the victim was from, to throw stones at the Kotkasim police station in Alwar. The community even placed Valmiki’s body in the middle of the road to protest.

Police have since registered a case against seven of the students and launched an investigation to bring them in for questioning.