Event Recap: The Power of the Shakti Fest 2013

Attending Shakti Fest 2013 was a blessing for this journalist, who often runs around dazed and confused as I try to meet deadlines and demands of daily life.

saul david rayeMy mode of lodging for two nights, was a tent set underneath the expansive sky in Joshua Tree. For three days, I was immersed in the world of yoga as taught by Saul David Raye, Mark Whitwell, and Kia Miller. While there were several other amazing teachers, my being was drawn to these three.

Under their guidance , I learned the concept of Shakti, or the female principle of the universe. This force is healing, supportive, and offers boundless love. Rather than pushing our way through rigorous yoga techniques, each of my guides taught the value of infusing life and my yoga practice with kindness.

We were also reminded of the importance of connecting with our fellow human beings and the freedom that comes with dance and music. In fact, live devotional Kirtan music was a part of each class.

I’ll never forget the joy and beauty of my last class with Saul David Raye. I — along with a couple hundred others — danced, laughed, and connected with one another. Many were moved to tears as our protective walls came crashing down, making us all aware of the fact that human connection is at the heart of life’s meaning and happiness.

shakti 23During the evenings, I sat under the stars listening to the music of Kirtan greats including Jai Uttal, Wah!, Donna De Lory, Prema Hara, Larisa Stow, Govind das & Radha, and more.

I can’t say enough about the growing Yoga community and the love I felt at the Shakti Fest. My hopes are that it continues to grow and provide a home for those seeking something profound and loving on planet earth.

If you haven’t experienced a similar experience, I strongly recommend considering Bhakti Fest 2013 from September 5 to 8. Click here for more information.

To give you and idea of the experience, the following video was my experience with Saul David Raye: