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The Pros and Cons of Getting a Hair Transplant

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If you’ve been looking in the mirror and finding that your once luscious and thick head of hair has been looking a little less full lately, then you might be wondering if there is anything you can do to prevent hair loss. Losing your hair can profoundly impact a person’s self-esteem, confidence in their appearance, relationships, and more, so it is always a worthwhile issue to address. While once, you may have only had recourse to helpful aids such as special shampoos designed to stimulate growth or even wigs and hairpieces to cover up thinning hair, nowadays, the emergence of hair transplants has offered new potential hope.

Read on to find out more about hair transplants and whether you should consider it.

You will be in great company

Hair transplants are quite a commonly done procedure all over, and many celebrities have admitted to treating themselves to one to improve their appearance. While not everyone wants to admit to it, as they’d rather maintain the illusion of having naturally thick and attractive hair, the before and after shots of many of these people show that taking the step to have a hair transplant can be a hugely beneficial thing.

It is essential to go with a qualified expert

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If you are considering going for a hair transplant, then you must ensure that you don’t try to cut corners by going with someone less experienced or unqualified, but a verified service provider such as Done badly, hair transplants can leave you with scars, disfiguration, and much more. While many overseas agencies may offer to do it for less money, it is often worth it to pay extra and have the confidence and assurance that you will get a high-quality result, rather than ending up with a poorly done job.

It is a safe and simple procedure

While a hair transplant does involve some surgical intervention, it is a relatively safe and simple step when you’re in the competent hands of an expert. You will normally use local anesthesia to numb the scalp area, and most people recover within a few days, ready to go back to work, although some people may experience some light bruising or pain for the first few days after it is carried out. Once it is done, you can often enjoy natural hair growth for several years, or even the rest of your lifetime, without needing further treatment.

Your hairline will likely change

While this may not be a huge con, in light of the benefits of having a hair transplant, it is still something worth being aware of. Your natural hairline will probably change after the procedure, and this can often make a subtle but striking change in the appearance of your face. It may take some getting used to, and even require a new approach to styling facial hair, eyewear and other things, in order to feel most comfortable and happy with the new look.

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