The Real Story Behind a Wendy’s Worker Who Put Body Fluids on Her Enemy’s Burger

WARNING: The details of this story — true or not — are pretty gross. You’ve been warned.

The big viral story of the week was about Wendy’s employee Lakeisha Hunter, who was supposedly arrested “after arguing with customer Lashay Jones over their child’s father not coming to see her baby.” Here’s where the story turns graphic.

Ms. Hunter then went to the back of the restaurant and used discharge from her vagina in place of mayonnaise on Lashay’s bacon cheeseburger deluxe.

The article then explains:

Apparently the two women who share the same father have been at each other’s throats for a while. Lashay claims she had Lamont first and Lakeisha ruined her family.

There have been stories about fast food workers messing with customer’s orders for years; if you’ve ever worked in fast food, chances are good you saw someone do something — or maybe did it yourself. We even wrote about a Pappa Murphy’s employee who was caught rubbing his “meat balls” on a customer’s pizza. So, on the surface, this didn’t seem too crazy… until you really read the words.

The first red flag is the vagina discharge that looks like mayo. Seriously?

Second, we’re told that Hunter was arguing with Jones “over their child’s father not coming to see her baby.” This implies that the two women are actually the parents of the same child.

The third reveal comes in the next excerpt, which says they “share the same father”; this makes no sense. The story implies that Lamont is a father to both their children, but that’s not what those words say. It says Lamont is their father. Then Lashay supposedly claims that Lakeisha “ruined her family,” but Lakeisha is the one who put the vagina discharge on her enemy’s burger. It’s as though the writer got confused by the names he’d crafted for this article.

Come on, guys. If you’re going to write a fake story, at least use proper English and keep your characters straight.

We found the story on, but says it originated on Celebricity, which calls itself, “…the most notorious urban satirical entertainment website in the world with the most shocking headlines to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief.” In other words, it’s not a real story.

So who is the woman in the picture? That’s Rashia Wilson, a Florida woman who called herself the “Queen of IRS Tax Fraud” and challenged police to catch her on Facebook. She stole around $20 million from the IRS, and was jailed in 2013 for 21 years.

There’s no word about what her vaginal discharge looks like.

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