The Reason This Professor Is Holding a Baby in Class Will Warm Your Heart

The photo above has been making waves online after it was posted to image-hosting site Imgur, gaining over a million views for all the right reasons. The story accompanying it has the collective hearts of internet users bubbling over from warm feelings.

What looks like a simple picture—a man in a classroom holding a baby—actually has a touching backstory.

The picture was allegedly taken at a small college in Jerusalem. One student—a mother—apparently came to class with her baby because she couldn’t find a babysitter. When the baby started crying in the middle of the lecture the mother tried to excuse herself and leave.

That’s when her professor stepped up. Instead of causing a fuss and getting upset over the disruption, the professor simply picked up the child and helped calm the baby.

Cool as a cucumber, the professor continued teaching—baby in arm.

Most people would expect the professor to kick the mother out of his classroom because of the disruption, but not in this case. The photo has since gotten a lot of attention due to this heartwarming twist.

A lot of people sympathize with the unnamed mother’s struggle to get an education while raising a child, all with little or no outside help. Instead of facing a setback from her professor, this mother was shown compassion.

Many people have praised the professor for his actions. As one of the top comments on the photo read:

“I can’t even begin to imagine how much that probably meant to her—knowing that someone valued her education and supported her that much.”

Another commenter opined:

“Good for him for understanding how hard it is for her to be a student and a mother and that she’s trying to better herself for her son.”