The Reason This Woman Has Frostbite on Her Lips Got Her Arrested at Walmart

One Kansas woman is behind bars after she was caught huffing an aerosol canister of spray dust cleaner inside a Kansas area Walmart. Melissa Ann Wright was caught inhaling a can of Ultra Duster in an attempt to get high from the chemicals KCTV-TV reported.

It is extremely dangerous to use this method to get high. A representative from the University of Kansas Poison Control, Tama Sawyer, said that when inhaled, the cleaner’s chemicals act as a stimulant that causes a increased risk of heart attack.

The chemicals also cause frostbite on contact with the skin.

“You would have frostbite on the lips, throat, mouth and even further down,” Sawyer said.

The effects of frostbite are in fact clearly visible on Wright’s face and mouth area in her mugshot, however according to authorities she refused any medical treatment despite the injuries.

Authorities arrived after Walmart shoppers saw Wright inhaling the duster in an aisle.

Wright has been charged with abusing toxic vapors.