VIDEO: Doc Shows the Right Way to Pop a Pimple — It’s Not What You Think

Who hasn’t dealt with a frustrating pimple at one time or another? Whether you’re a preteen, teenager or even an adult, chances are acne has plagued you in some capacity at some time in your life.

And as with everything else that is unpleasant in life, we tend to want to banish pimples and blackheads as soon as we see them cropping up, even though we’ve been told time and time again to keep our hands off and let them either run their course or have a professional extract them.

But who listens to that anyway? We know we shouldn’t pop pimples. We know it leads to scarring and possibly more acne, but it’s RIGHT THERE and it’s so annoying and we just want it gone.

But if you’re going to pop your zit (and you are) at least do it the right way. Chances are the how-tos you’ve read about getting rid of those annoying suckers were all wrong.

On the Oprah Show, Dr.Oz recently demonstrated the correct way to do it. He first warns to “Never squeeze a pimple because you will macerate it,” adding “You’re destroying all the healthy tissue with the pressure you are putting on there by squeezing.”

Instead, you take an alcohol-sterlized needed, place it parallel to the skin and pierce the pimple from one side to another – straight through like a kebab skewer—and then rip upwards.

Disgusting, we know. But it’s also effective. Check out the video above to get the correct instructions.