The Sadistic Torture All Fighter Pilots Must Go Through During Training (VIDEO)

Since you were born, you have been experiencing gravity at the standard 1 “G-force,” which is the force of gravity at the Earth’s surface. That’s probably how it will remain for the rest of your life, unless you plan on becoming a military pilot.

Anyone interested in flying a fighter jet must first prove their ability to withstand an extremely high level of G-forces, or the equivalent of the force of gravity multiplied. At times, fighter pilots must endure acceleration forces as high as 9 Gs.

A pilot in training must conquer the infamous centrifuge, a machine that stimulates the G-forces they’d come into contact with while flying and maneuvering.

In the video above, you’ll see a fighter pilot experiencing the effects of 9 G’s. The physical toll it takes on his body is evident, from his facial expressions to his breathing. At one point, even his face begins to distort.

You can hear his instructor saying, “Squeeze the legs. Hold it in. Use your throat. Squeeze your butt.” These physical techniques are known as anti-G straining maneuvers. While simultaneously pushing air out of his lungs and contracting the muscles in his body, he is inhibiting the blood from flowing away from his brain.

It always increases the pressure in the carotid arteries, helping pilots to increase G-tolerance and avoid passing out.┬áProper training to learn how to deal with G-forces is important so that a pilot won’t pass out from G-LOC, or G-induced Loss Of Consciousness.

We would never survive this type of training. It looks absolutely terrifying.