The Scariest Ghost Attack You’ll Ever See

This new security video that has emerged from a hotel in Malaysia shows some sort of paranormal activity that really can’t be explained as anything other than a ghost attack.

The woman in the video is sitting there playing with her phone when something makes her look around (there’s no noise on this video but we imagine she heard something). That’s when a chair in front of her moves and scares the daylights out of her before she’s thrown out of her chair. She seems to become unconscious after a ghost attacks her and throws her to the floor.

That’s not where this video ends. After the woman hits the floor, desks and chairs go flying against the wall. Overall, this footage terrifying and will make any non-believer really reconsider their ideas on ghosts.

If you still don’t believe in ghosts after seeing this video then you’ll have to come up with a really good reason why the furniture in this video moves and slams into the wall. It’s hard to pin it on an earthquake or any kind of natural reasons why tables get thrown around around after the woman in the video gets thrown to the floor. We can’t imagine the furniture is rigged to move or else it would be kind of obvious in the video. Also, remember that this is taken from security footage.

Tell us: How do you explain this insane footage? Let us know below.