Shoes Made of Sweets That Look Delicious Enough to Eat!

An Orlando-based company called The Shoe Bakery is making dreams come true, at least for those with a sweet tooth and a love for fashion.

The Shoe Bakery creates shoes inspired by confectionery goodies, such as donuts, cake, ice cream and cupcakes. Honestly, we probably won’t be buying a pair anytime soon, but these things sure do look delicious enough to eat!

“My love for shoes came with the passion for being unique,” says founder Chris Campbell. “I love shoes and sweets so why not put them together?”

As you can see in the photos above, each pair is made with attention to detail and creative craftsmanship. If you’re interesting in buying some for yourself, The Shoe Bakery even takes custom orders, which will cost you around $200-400 and take three to six weeks to complete.

Learn more about The Shoe Bakery and their products here.

Don’t want to wear sweets on your feet? Check out the shoes featured below.