6 Ways to Autumn-ize Your Denim

The last few pairs of denim sitting in your closet don’t look appealing for a full day of festivities. You don’t know how to pair them and make them work, and you hate thinking that today is the day you have to go shopping for something new. Some good news: You don’t.

Here are a few ways to get the denim in your closet looking chic, fabulous, and trendy for almost every occasion in your busy schedule.

Try the print
Whether it’s the camouflage army jeans you wore last Halloween or the dark cheetah print pants you bought on a whim, try them on. And after you do, pair it with something simpler like a plain dark T-shirt to balance the bold pattern. Try on some pumps to rock it or some ankle boots to hang out.

Some fall color lovin’
You loved color this summer so you have several pairs of colored jeans. You’re in luck because it looks like color is going to continue to dominate the denim market for fall and winter. Darker, autumn colors such as bottle green, eggplant and mustard yellow denim, along with faded shades of orange and beige still work! Pair it with a neutral loose top in black, white, and tan with some dainty jewelry to give it a classy and laid back look. J Brand agrees.

Cuff it
Take your favorite pair of staple skinny jeans from this summer and make a few rolls at ankle length. Bust out the comfortable flats and a Cali purse with the cozy granny sweater the weather calls for. Don’t forget the scarf!

Dress it up
Wear some of your lace, sparkle, and sequined tops with something faded. Try on some heels and a blazer to add both prep and spunk. Then go out and grab a drink with the guy you’ve been eyeing at your favorite spot.

Cozy it down
Take an outdoor sweater your Mom bought last Christmas, the one you haven’t worn yet in the bottom drawer, left only to show your mother you still have it. Then sport your skinny jeans with those faded ankle or knee-high boots. This’ll give you a great look on those days you wish you stayed in.

Wear it Bold
Try colorful earrings and rings, chunky necklaces, or printed, sequined, girly heels with those basic blue, classic wash jeans you don’t like to wear. The classic wash jeans will be even better if they’re ankle-length. This’ll get you a standout look without standout jeans.