One Woman’s Haunting Story of How She Escaped a Polygamist Colony

She is her mother’s fourth child and her father’s thirty-ninth. Ruth Wariner grew up in a polygamist colony in which her father was known as the founding prophet, however he was murdered when she was just a child and her mother married another colony member.

Inside her community was a horror for Ruth, the children were often beat by their mothers, they lived on farm with no electricity and no plumbing, and she was required to care for her younger siblings. It wasn’t until Ruth, her mother and her younger sisters went to visit her grandparents that she realized there is a better world outside of her hellish colony. So as a young girl she soon came to the conclusion that she needed to escape.

At the age of 15, Ruth took her three sisters and moved to the states, where she got her GED while looking after the girls. It was there as a  teenager that her life really began. Today Ruth is married and a Spanish teacher in Oregon. She is also the author of the heart wrenching memoir, The Sound of Gravel, which documents what life was once like for a little girl forced into a polygamist colony.