The Story Behind the Falling Man: 9/11’s Most Haunting, Unforgettable Image

On September 11, 2001, an estimated 200 people plunged to their death from the Twin Towers. They were trapped. They had absolutely nowhere to go.

People were so desperate that they chose to jump.

The clip above tells the story of one of the most haunting, unforgettable images captured during that horrific day. It is also one of the most controversial pictures ever published by the media.

The photo is of the Falling Man, someone who is believed to have been trapped on one of the upper levels of the North Tower. Richard Drew, an AP photographer, captured the image, among countless others. So, who was the Falling Man? What is his story?

Although numerous attempts have been made to try and positively identify the man, the investigation proved unsuccessful.

Will the world ever truly know who the man in the photograph is? Probably not.