WATCH: How Homeless People Are Making Money from Their Handwriting

It has often been said that homeless folk are the masters of barebones marketing, using the few words they can fit on a piece of cardboard to prompt some spare change from passersby.

The handmade signs are usually clever, relying on some sort of joke as the hook, or using straightforwardness to get a point across.

Ultimately, the signs end up speaking to the harsh reality of homelessness.

But for the homeless population in Barcelona, a unique idea is forging a relationship between them and typography lovers the world over.

Homeless Fonts, an initiative from Arrels Foundation, has become a platform for those less fortunate to sell their handwriting to businesses and font enthusiasts.

Currently, there are around 10 fonts available for purchase and all proceeds made from sales help support more than 1,400 people connected with the organization.

Their handwriting tells a story, one that is often overlooked on the street. These people live a life few know anything about.

Homeless Fonts is bringing each of their stories to life and turning their messages into an art form — a powerful form of communication.

Check out the awesome video above to learn more about Homeless Fonts and what they are doing for the less fortunate.