The Stupidest Challenges of 2015

2015 was definitely an interesting year. It consisted of some of the strangest things on the Internet.

We’ve compiled a list of all the stupid challenges that happened in 2015. Click through the slideshow above to see the challenges, from dumb to dumbest.

Here is a quick re-cap in case you forgot:

7. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – We’ll let this one be the least stupid since it was for a good cause. The challenge started in Boston as a way to raise money and awareness of Lou Gherig’s disease (ALS). Many celebrities and everyday people alike contributed in this challenge.

6. “Arch That Back Challenge” – Mainly girls contributed in this challenge. It was quite simple actually. You simply arched your back as far as you could while laying on the floor. The one who could arch their back the most was the winner.

5. The Collarbone Challenge – This body challenge consisted of sticking out clavicles and balancing as many coins as possible in the small crevices. Apparently, the more coins you could stack in your collarbones, the more attractive you were.

4. The Condom Challenge – Basically, you filled a condom with about a gallon of water and dropped it on your friend’s head. It ended up looking like a swimming cap of some sort. The moral of this challenge? Condoms are pretty durable for safe sex!

3. Set Yourself on Fire Challenge – You doused yourself with a flammable liquid before lighting yourself on fire. This extremely stupid challenge put people in hospitals with severe injuries.

2. Snort a Line of Coke Challenge – You snorted a line of coke and gave it to the next person in the train to do the same. There seemed to be no motive besides the fact that it would mess you up. Drugs are never a smart idea and this was top 2 for 2015’s dumbest challenges.

1. Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge – Her lip challenge takes the cake for the stupidest challenge of 2015. You put a small cup over your lips and sucked the air out. This causes a vacuum effect on your lips and bloated them to a bigger size. Hundreds and thousands of fans partook in this challenge and many ended up with tragic results. Some people cut their lips on the glass while others bruised their lips severely.

2015 was a year of dumb challenges. We’re part excited and part worried for what 2016 will bring.