The Terrifying Reason You Don’t Want to Be Bit by a Brown Recluse Spider

WARNING: Video is extremely graphic and not intended for people with a weak stomach.

The infamous brown recluse spider is one of the few poisonous spiders found in the US. Although they are most commonly found in midwestern and southern states, there could be one hiding out in that pile of dirty laundry on your bedroom floor. They love dark places.

Many people have been bitten after putting on clothes that had been lying around for several weeks or months.

Its entire body is brown in color, except for the dark violin mark on its head. They may not be aggressive, but this 1 inch long creature will attack and bite when disturbed.

The consequences of being bitten are absolutely horrific, however, it is estimated that about 90 percent of all brown recluse bites heal without severe scarring.

In the video above, you’ll get the lowdown on these feared spiders.