This Dreamy Ocean Trench Has a Dangerous Secret. But It Won’t Stop You from Visiting

There are few places in the world that have the power to captivate the senses and elicit constant daydreaming. And they are usually located in far, hard-to-reach corners of the world. One said place is this ocean trench in Upolu, Samoa.

It just so happens to be one of the most extraordinary natural swimming holes on Earth.

Named To Sua, which translates to “Big Hole,” the 98-foot-deep trench was formed by a huge basaltic shield volcano. Visitors and locals alike have been flocking to this location for decades to swim through the dangerous sea caves that lead to and from the ocean. Unless accompanied by a skilled diver or guide, travelers should not attempt to reach the open ocean. Though there aren’t any recorded deaths in this area, foolishness could prove fatal. You also need to be able to hold your breathe for quite a long time.

Before there a ladder and platform were installed, people were required to risk their lives passing through the caves to reach the swimming hole. If you are afraid of heights, you might have to watch everyone else having fun from up above.

People should also be wary of jumping off into the water from high points without first gauging the water levels.

Open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., To Sua can be accessed for a $15 fee.

Featured Image: Travel Insider