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The Tomohon Market in Indonesia Might Be One of the Most Disturbing Places on Earth

The Tomohon Traditional Market in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, is one of those places that most travelers wouldn’t be able to explore for very long.
It’s not the fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers that puts people off, it’s the variety of meat on sale.
This particular market doesn’t just sell everyday food items. It has been said that the local Minhasan people will eat whatever arrives on the truck, which includes such animals as bats, monkeys, dogs, pythons, sloths, and rats.
Could you ever imagine seeing this kind of cuisine on your dinner plate? Although it’s fascinating to see how various cultures around the world perceive food differently, we certainly could never bring ourselves to eat dog meat, or a whole flame-roasted monkey.
What you’re about to see in the macabre photos above is enough to leave you speechless, or lose your appetite.

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