The Top 10 Snapchat Fails of 2015

People have been having a love-hate relationship with snapchat ever since it went big. More than anything, however, people have been getting busted doing something wrong in these photos they were hoping would just go away.

Here is our list of top 10 Snapchat Fails as they correspond with the photos above. Go to the URLs below the images to get the full stories:

1-This woman decided to snapchat her husband while away on a trip. You have to see what her husband found in the image that gave away her cheating heart.

2-Waking up next to a stranger was nothing new in 2015, but capturing those awkward moments on Snapchat made the horror more fun to share.

3-These Snapchat photos show Rafael Gonzalez and Stephanie Hernandez with a gun. One of the captions has the slang phrase “Strap Chat.” Hernandez was later found dead.

4-One woman’s nightmares came true after she sent a topless snapchat of herself to her boss by accident. You have to hear what his response was.

5-Imagine sleeping over at your girlfriend’s and her mom comes into the bedroom? Now, you can read this hilarious naked guy’s snapchats from under his girlfriend’s bed.

6-Cheating is bad, but cheating on your husband with his brother and snapchatting photos of it is just insane! In this case, however, the husband is the one laughing. Find out why.

7-Yes, it seems more and more female teachers are having affairs with their students (i.e sexual abuse), but how many of them are stupid enough to send the students naked snapchats? This lady, right here.

8-Imagine you’re working the graveyard shift in a hospital and you see a ghost of a dead girl? What do you do? Snapchat it of course. Get the full creepy story.

9-We never thought a murderer would be stupid enough to take a photo with the corpse of his victim, but then again, folks do the stupidest things on snapchat.

10-Last but not least, a guy catches his girlfriend sending naked images of herself on snapchat. The way he goes about busting her is genius. You’ve gotta read this!