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The Top 5 Testosterone-Boosting Movies

Did you know that movies can actually boost your testosterone levels? In a University of Michigan study, men were shown the scene from Godfather Part 2 where Vito Corleone mercilessly kills one of his enemies. That one scene made the guys’ testosterone levels rise by as much as 30%!

We all know high testosterone levels can make our muscles get ripped and our libido explode, and there are a lot of ways to help increase it—especially as you age and levels decrease. Studies show working out, testosterone supplements, and even red wine can help. So why not movies?

Here are our picks for the top 5 testosterone boosting movies ever.

The ultimate rags-to-riches story: Tony Montana (Al Pacino) rises from the streets by gunning down his enemies, disco dancing Michelle Pfeiffer away from her husband, and keeping the top two buttons of his shirt proudly unbuttoned. He never loses confidence because, as he says in the censored TV version, Miami is like “a chicken waiting to get plucked” (use your rhyming skills to figure out that one). If the first two hours don’t get you, stay tuned for the epic finale.

Fight Club
Who would’ve thought a big dork like Edward Norton would star in one of the most kickass flicks of all time? Of course, that’s what probably makes it so good. We get to watch him transform from a J-Crew wearing materialist into a bare-bones, bare-knuckled badass, which is actually more believable than when he transformed into the Incredible Hulk. Remember that 2008 movie? Nope, neither does anybody else.

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Rocky IV
The entire Rocky movie should be on a list like this one. It’s basically the law. But we think no Rocky rages harder than Rocky IV. It’s not just a battle for a title, it’s a full-on war between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, between Capitalism and Communism, between a guy who can barely speak English and then that Russian dude.

Sure, it’s tough to celebrate a Mel Gibson movie now that we know the guy is, well, not quite a gentleman. But go watch Braveheart again. You’ll want to throw on a kilt, grow your hair, and go raging across the Scottish Highlands like a fat guy in search of haggis.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day
There’s nothing better than watching Arnold pump shotgun blast after shotgun blast into an unstoppable robot from the future. It’s so good it makes us forget about the time Arnold pumped one-too-many blasts into his housekeeper! If this 1991 smash doesn’t get your blood boiling, check your pulse because you’ve probably been terminated.

Let’s face it—most guys (and some gals) want to be action stars. And while there are plenty of healthy, natural, and more effective ways to boost your testosterone levels, it’s still good to watch some fun flicks and hope that helps, too.

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