The Truth About This ‘Adorable Drug Kingpin’ and Her Dad Is Shocking

When Sarah Furay first got arrested, her headshot went viral because she’s the least likely person to be arrested for being a drug kingpin. The media went crazy over her wholesome good looks and began calling her ‘the adorable drug kingpin.”

Since we first brought you the news about Furay’s arrest and the ridiculous amount of drugs she had on her person when she was busted, it’s been revealed that her father is the Chief of the Drug Enforcement Administration in Beaumont, Texas!

Furay’s dad has “long been considered a heavy hitter within the DEA’s underground world of ruthless narcotic officers,” according to sources.

What’s really gotten people’s attention now is that even though the DEA has been handing out extremely harsh sentences for drug-related crimes, furay was released on bail immediately after being taken into police custody. Some people are absolutely furious about the special treatment.

This would never have happened with another suspected felon. Furay is, after all, facing three felony charges, up to 215 years in prison and a fine of $30,000.

For more on Sarah Furay’s arrest and charges, see the related story below. And make sure to vote in our poll to let us know if you think it’s fair that she’s been released on bail so easily and unlike most suspected criminals in her shoes.



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