The TSA Detains Three-Year-Old Disabled Tot

What is the only force in the universe that can make a three-year-old child say she doesn’t want to go to Disney World?

The TSA.

A Missouri couple, Nathan Forck and Annie Schulte, and their children were at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, headed to a family vacation in Orlando. After making it through the TSA checkpoint incident free, the family was preparing to walk to their gate when an agent pulled them aside for additional screening.

The reason: the couple’s three-year-old disabled tot and her hot-pink wheelchair.

Little Lucy has spina bifida, which confines her to the wheelchair. The agent told the parents that Lucy was to be patted down and they needed to take a wheelchair swab – even though both had already passed through the checkpoint.

“They specifically told me that they were singling her out … because she’s in a wheelchair,” said Lucy’s father. “It’s rather offensive to me as a father of a disabled child.”

Annie, the mom, started recording the whole fiasco, when she was told it was against the law to videotape and insisted her to stop, but she understandably kept on recording anyway, according to Fox News.

The video shows Lucy crying uncontrollably over the situation and the fact that her stuffed toy, Lamby, was taken away from her and her parents trying to console her, while dealing with the TSA in a much more level-headed manner than most people probably would have.

Possibly the most heartbreaking point in the video: When Lucy has had enough and doesn’t even want to go to Disney World anymore.

The agency later offered the family an apology.