The Ugliest Christmas Sweaters of All Time

Warning: Some sweaters in above slideshow may contain nudity or extreme ugliness.

Ugly Christmas sweaters are almost a sacred tradition in today’s world. We’re not too sure where or when the trend started, but an ugly Christmas sweater party is almost always guaranteed during the holiday season.

Some sweaters have animals popping out of the front and the back, while others consist of raunchy innuendos. Whatever the wacky designs consist of, these 10 sweaters have made it to our list of the all time ugliest.

We’ve compiled a slideshow of these horrendous designs, so that you can either get ideas for your own horrid sweater party or to simply give you a huge laugh.

We’re certain we probably missed a few of your favorites. If you’d like to share a design you’ve seen, feel free to post in the comments section below.

Let the ugly Christmas sweater festivities begin!