The Unexpected Addiction–5 People Who Died Playing Video Games

Video game addictions continue to sky rocket to unhealthy levels. Although the objective of any game is to level up in rank and stay alive, these five people lost their real life because their cyber lives took over:

  1. Hsieth, 32 was at an Internet Café in Taiwan when he died of cardiac arrest. He played games nonstop for three days. When he passed, workers and gamers alike did not even know he was dead. He was known to sleep facing down on the table during these game binges. Cold temperature and over-exhaustion were the sources of his demise. While he was being rolled away by paramedics, none of the other gamers seemed to notice.
  2. Chris Staniforth, 20, was playing a 12-hour long session of Halo on his Xbox when a sudden blood clot formed in his leg and moved up to his lungs. He was killed instantly. His father doesn’t correlate the death of his son to the games, but does warn others to get up and stretch from time to time when playing video games.
  3. A 33-year-old man from China was at a gaming establishment for 650 hours. Reportedly, he barely slept, ate or drank. The little he did eat was the occasional instant ramen noodles. He blew through approximately $1,519 during the 27 days and perished due to heart failure and malnutrition.
  4. Jennifer Strange, 28, a wife and a mother of three was a part of a radio giveaway titled, “Hold Your Wee for a Wii.” She drank two gallons of water and did not relieve herself so that she could hopefully win the Nintendo Wii. She died of water intoxication.
  5. Lee Seung Seop graduated college and had a job as a boiler repair man before he got addicted to Starcraft. This cost him his job, girlfriend, physical nourishment and sleep. He began a 50-hour gaming binge at a smoky Internet café when he died of heart failure by dehydration and exhaustion.

Avid gamers are known to go for hours on these ‘game binges’ while neglecting the necessities of their real physical lives. If we could give you any advice it would be this: Game smart and game safe!