The Walking Dead Season 3 Preview & Zombie Attack at Comic-Con

Visitors to last weekend’s Comic-Con International: San Diego, were treated to a couple cool things based on AMC’s hit zombie series The Walking Dead. The first was a zombie apocalypse run that took place at San Diego’s Petco Park. Fans could pay to enter the bowls of the stadium, where they were chased through an obstacle course by zombies. Humans raced down the darkened passages, jumping over boxes and climbing fenced off walls to escape their attackers. And while we’re pretty sure these were actors playing the un-dead creatures, they did their jobs very well because it was reportedly very difficult to complete.

The other big treat for fans who weren’t into the chase, was getting a sneak peak at season three. The four-minute preview was quickly uploaded to YouTube and fans have been eating it up (pardon the pun) ever since. The new season clearly picks up right where the second season left off. Our core cast is partially split up after a walker attack on the farm, and some of them have discovered a prison that could potentially serve as their new home. If course, knowing this show, any time you mix a creepy setting like an abandoned prison with zombies, you know things won’t go as easily as the characters hope.

As Mashable Entertainment reports, “Fans of The Walking Dead graphic novel – on which the AMC series is based – will recognize several key players, including the sword-wielding Michonne (introduced at the very end of season two) and The Governor, a leader with a cult of personality who serves as a foil to Rick, the series’ main character.”

Check out the preview below. The new season of The Walking Dead premieres on October 14.