Dream House on the California Coast Captures the Sound of the Ocean

It is very rare that you’ll find a property that is so spectacular that a simple description does not do it justice.

This fine piece of craftsmanship needs to be seen to be truly appreciated.

Just 20 minutes north of Santa Barbara, located on a lot right on the beach, sits an architectural masterpiece. This home has 80 feet of oceanfront landscape and breathtaking views.

Built in 1980, The Wave House sits on a 30, 492 square foot lot and has three bedrooms, two baths and the engineering genius any ocean lover would be pleased to come home to. The property also includes a large kitchen, office and an exquisite living room surrounded by inventive spiraling glass windows facing the seashore.

Just outside those windows, at the edge of the property, is a welcoming deck–complete with a hot tub and unhindered views of the tide.

A guest tower to the left of the house is like a castle in the sky. Measuring about 30-feet, a curved staircase leads up to the front door and it tops off with a horizon-facing observation patio, where you can step outside and feel the soft ocean breeze.

Normally, a house situated 60 feet above the beach wouldn’t allow you to hear the roaring sound of the crashing waves below, but this humble abode was designed with the intention to not only look like a wave, but to capture the sound as well.

“You hear the waves pounding even though they are quite a ways away,” said Montecito listing agent Steven Richardson. “It’s hard to put into words the sensation that you get when you’re inside the property and around the grounds,” said Richardson. “Most of the inside of the house draws the outside in. From the sounds and the views they all blend and mix around you.”

As you can probably imagine, the evening sunsets are extraordinary.

Someone who happened to love the beach, with a serious amount of cash in their pocket (a cool $2 million to be exact), snatched up this amazing piece of real estate back in June 2013.