Thelma & Louise Reunite 23 Years Later for Epic Selfie

Twenty three years later, Thelma & Louise co-stars, Susan Sarandon, 67, and Gina Davis, 58, reunited on Thursday to recreate the film’s infamous photo.

You may recall the scene in the movie where the duo capture a Polaroid of themselves before embarking on their wild road trip adventure. This memento stays with them in the car until the final moments of the film.

Thelma and Louise Selfie

The image was posted onto Twitter by Sarandon, with the caption, “Inventors of the #selfie at it again. #ThelmaAndLouise.” The iconic movie still was at the top of her tweet and the recreated photo at the bottom.

Of course, they both looked as stunning in the Thelma and Louise selfie as they did 23 years ago. All Sarandon was missing were the sunglasses and scarf.