These Pregnant Sisters Just Got Hit by a Stroke of Fate

When I was younger, I used to talk to my closest friends and cousins to devise a plan that would allow us all to give birth at around the same time. We did this in hopes of our kids becoming best friends and being able to grow up together someday.

Sisters Mairead, Bernie and Jolene might have accidentally done the exact same thing.

Coming from a family of four sisters and one brother, three out of the four sisters just gave birth to their babies. But all four sisters were expecting their kids at the same time. The fourth sister, Christina, was also due at the same time, but is just a couple days late. They are all being looked after at the Mayo General Hospital in Ireland.


Mairead told Mirror, “It was just so funny the way it happened. It was my first, and Jolene’s second, Bernie’s third, and Christina, this will be her fourth.”

Mairead gave birth to her son, Thomas Og at 3:25 AM, Joeline had her daughter Sorcha through a C-section at 11 AM, and Bernie’s son Phelim was last to deliver that day, at about 8:30 PM.

The family’s younger brother, who lives in England, headed back home to welcome his new nieces and nephews into the world. He jokingly hoped that all four babies would be christened over one weekend so he could save some money on plane rides.

While this was a rare stroke of fate to hit these sisters, and not a plan like I had with my friends, they are keeping their hopes high that Christina will give birth soon.