VIDEO: Thieving Date Steals Designer Kicks and Cash from Her One-Night-Stand

It’s a classic love story–boy meets girl, boy takes girl back to apartment, girl steals thousands of dollars in cash and designer goods. That’s what happened to one man after bringing a date home with him after a night of clubbing.

He told police that he and the woman met at a Miami nightclub before going back to his place, and that she stole expensive items on her way out the door as he slept.

Elevator footage shows his date carrying a huge armful of stolen goods. In fact she was carrying so much of his stuff, that she slipped on the Gucci loafers she’d nabbed from him. The size 11 shoes clearly don’t fit her, but that didn’t seem to hinder her plans to escape with the goods. In addition to the Gucci shoes, she also made off with a Rolex watch and $2,000 cash.

The Bal Harbour police chief Mark Overton said that this kind of theft is surprisingly not uncommon. Let that be a lesson to be careful about who you bring home.

Authorities hope that someone who recognizes the woman will contact police.