All the Things Toddlers Can Get Away with That Adults Can’t (VIDEO)

Do you ever wish you could go back in time to when you were a toddler? It seems like toddlers always get to break all the rules.

They’re allowed to run around the house wearing nothing but socks and stuffing their face with cupcakes when grandma is around, they can demand everyone’s attention because they pooped all by themselves, or hide from people when they’re shy or asked uncomfortable questions they don’t feel like answering.

Bottom line: they have it made.

Little kids somehow have a knack for looking absolutely adorable even when doing something totally disgusting or embarrassing—even their farts are cute.

Rules apply differently to toddlers. They can get away with things that an adult simply cannot. Don’t believe us? Attempt doing any one of the things featured in the video above and see how that plays out for you.

This video will totally resonate with anyone who has kids, or remembers what it was like to be one.