The Truth Behind the Third Eye Drug – The Most Illegal Substance

WARNING: DMT is an illegal substance and should not be ingested or smoked.

DMT, otherwise known as the “third eye drug” is sometimes known as the most illegal drug in the world. Many people who have used DMT have called it a seemingly indescribable experience. Users claim they enter into a different world and see and feel things that they otherwise wouldn’t.

According to Psychology Today, those who use the substance have visions of aliens, giant bugs and other false sightings.

So what exactly is DMT? Dimetheltrypatmine is a psychedelic drug that can be found in certain plants. It is also naturally produced in our bodies.  Dimeheltrypatmine is a chemical released in the brain that allows everyone to dream and experience visions in their sleep. It is related to certain neurotransmitters in the brain.

Apparently it gives users the experience of being in a dream-like state, or in other cases having an out of body experience. Because of this, it has become known as the “third eye drug.” Many users say they are able to achieve a state of mind that feels like they can access their “third eye.”

Many people will put DMT crystals on top of marijuana and smoke it through a pipe. It becomes active within a minute and lasts for about ten.

The above video shows what happens when someone smokes DMT.