This 200-Year-Old Secret Underworld Continues to Remain a Mystery (PHOTOS)

There’s something about secret passages and hidden rooms and tunnels that stir up the imagination. These places have the power to captivate.

One place in particular has left explorers stumped for nearly two decades. It’s a secret underworld below Liverpool, England, and it is shrouded in mystery.

In 2001, some curious locals decided to find out what was really behind an urban legend they grew up hearing about. Although people were always talking about the maze of underground tunnels beneath the city, no one had ever attempted to explore the area.

After the group gained access to a site in Joseph Williamson’s neighborhood (he was the guy who allegedly built the vast network), they discovered the first cellar in one of the tunnel system’s upper levels. And that’s when their 15 year journey into the underworld began.

Since that day, they have been digging through the tunnels and cellars without knowing how far they actually go, where they lead or why they are even there in the first place. In some areas, there are stone steps that lead to caverns as deep as 20 feet.

So far, they haven’t found any clues as to what this underground system was for. But they have stumbled upon enough historic artifacts to fill a small museum.

Williamson was incredibly secretive about this place. In fact, there are no records of its construction. A search through his former house did, however, reveal an entrance to the underworld in the basement.

Speculators believe that Williamson, who was a successful tobacco merchant and philanthropist, was part of a religious sect, and that he built the tunnels so that people could escape Armageddon.

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