This 59-Year-Old Grandma is Still Modeling and She Looks Amazing

Once people hit their 50s, they often have a mid-life crisis coming their way. On the other hand, Yasmina Rossi is defying all stereotypes. At the age of 59, she is still a sought after fashion model.

She was born in France and raised on the island of Corsica. In less than a year, she will be 60, though she still has a killer body and smooth, wrinkle-free skin. She looks just as good, or maybe even better, than Victoria’s Secret models.

Rossi started her career in modeling towards the end of her 20s, which is usually when most models begin to retire. However, she didn’t let the concept of age defy her then and she still doesn’t to this day.

When asked what her secret was, she simply said there is none. She told Style Magazine that all she has ever done was eat organically and exercise very moderately. With her amazing body, you’d think she spent hours at the gym, but she explains that moderation is key, and overdoing the body won’t do it any good.

Her salt-and-pepper locks are natural and she keeps them soft and luscious by putting rapeseed oil onto them. As for her skin, she scrubs and exfoliates with olive oil and fine sugar. Her simple advice for people is to, “Eat an avocado a day and organic meat and fish [and] don’t take medicine if possible. Go with nature instead of fighting it—this is the rule for everything.”

It’s refreshing to see someone go with the course of nature and still have beautiful results, especially when everyone else seems to modify their body with procedures and pills.

Click through her photos to see how amazing she looks at 59.