This 8-Year-Old Was Severely Abused by Her Parents & Just Wrote a Beautiful Letter to Those Who Saved Her

The first time Marie was hospitalized after being severely abused she was only 8 months old. At that time, she weighed 13 pounds and sustained 14 fractures throughout her tiny body.

Worst of all, her spine was broken and she was now paralyzed from the waist down. As result, she will never walk again.

Her mother and mother’s boyfriend were finally arrested and social worker Michelle Purprenant was assigned to Marie’s case. They connection between them was so strong, and Purprenant adopted her.

little girl abused letter 6

Marie is so thankful for the life she’s been provided that she decided to write a little note to those people who saved her, and that note has now gone viral on the internet. Get ready for some tissues… this letter is heartbreaking and beautiful:

little girl abused letter 3

little girl abused letter 4

little girl abused letter 5

This story provides proof that we are all interconnected. If we open our eyes, we can identify those who need help the most. And when we help others, we truly enrich our own lives.

Thank you Marie for sharing your story. And thank you Michelle Purprenant for opening your heart and proving that we are all family. Your love and devotion to Marie is beautiful.

little girl abused letter 2