This Abandoned Corvette Junkyard Is Probably Worth Millions (Video)

The dust-covered vehicles left abandoned in a storage lot for 25 years might not look like much, but they’re actually estimated to be worth millions. This isn’t just any abandoned car lot, but rather a near-pristine collection of 36 Chevrolet Corvettes—one from every manufacture year from 1953 until 1989.

The impressive collection was left to sit in dust until now. Under new ownership, the collection is getting restored and ready to hit the road.

Adam Heller and a group of friends are hoping that they can sell the cars together, once the restoration project is complete.

A Corvette consultant, Chris Mazzilli, told Inside Edition that the rare collection is already generating a ton of buzz and interest—probably in part because of the beautiful condition in which they have been preserved.

According to Mazilli, while the dust blankets that coat the cars might not look impressive it actually protects the cars’ paint.

“The dust that is on the cars actually helped protect the paint,” he said. “And the paint on some of these cars is amazing.”

Apparently the original owner received the collection in 1990 through a phone sweepstakes hosted by VH1. The winner eventually sold the collection, and they have remained almost entirely forgotten for a quarter of a century.