This Case of Eye Lice Will Make Your Eyelids Itch for Days (Video)

A woman in China thought she was suffering from an eye infection when she went to the hospital seeking treatment. What doctors discovered is far more disgusting and horrific. She initially reported feeling itching discomfort and irritation from her left eye, along with some discharge. Then her son claims he saw something moving on her eyelid.

Reports from People’s Daily Online and the Daily Mail say that the woman, identified only as Ms. Zhang, had eye lice.

Her eye specialist said he found at least 20 of the little insects living in the woman’s eye area. The insects had to be removed one by one as Ms. Zhang’s eye was sterilized.

You can see a video of eye lice up close below, but be warned that it is very graphic—and may make you itch uncontrollably.

Eye lice are a fairly rare occurrence, but not entirely unheard of in people. They can be transferred and contracted from pets or through non-sterile eyelash extensions.

Image Source: Wikipedia