This Cat Massage Video Is So Insane and We Can’t Stop Watching It

There is a cat massage video that was published on YouTube back in 2009, but one of our fantastic Facebook friends found it, loved it, and sent it to us because she knew we would love it, too.

And we do. We can’t stop watching it. It’s that amazing.

Since we first found this video we found out it was originally shared online at, and from that clue and the magic of Wikipedia, we found out the following:

One of [’s] more notable videos has been an instructional clip titled “So Your Cat Wants A Massage?” – a video that was designed to show people how to massage a cat; it has amassed over 4 million hits on YouTube.The video’s creator, Maryjean Ballner, has since appeared as a guest on the Late Show with David Letterman on December 9, 2009. According to Ghoul Skool, despite her feelings that “YouTube can be a very negative place”, Ballner thanked Everything is Terrible for bringing back something which she had not seen in over 15 years.

The thing is, Ballner’s delivery is absolutely amazing. She’s not trying to be funny like a Saturday Night Live character, it’s just who she is. So when she flippantly says that petting a cat mid-back is just “Meh…” you know she means it. And when she gives her model cat love, you know it’s loving it too.

Check out the cat massage video that went viral once, and is bound to go crazy again this week.