This Computer-Generated 10-Year-Old Girl Caught Over 1,000 Sick Pedophiles

“My name is Sweetie. I’m 10-years-old, I live in the Philippines,” the computer-generated girl says while introducing herself. “Every day, I have to sit in front of the webcam and talk to men. As soon as I go online, they come to me. Ten, 100, every hour. So many.”

When Dutch charity NGO Terre Des Hommes created “Sweetie,” they had no idea how many sick pedophiles they would lure in. They created her to bait men in Internet chat room who go online to prey on innocent children.

In just 10 weeks, approximately 20,000 men contacted her and offered the virtual child money in exchange for her to perform explicit sex acts on camera.

At any given time, ther are at least 700,000 people browsing for child pornography on the web, according to research estimates.

Out of the suspects her contacted Sweetie, 254 were American. There were 46 people in Australia who were arrested in connection with the sting, however, only one has been convicted so far.