This Creepy Doll Video Is Allegedly Cursed —Watch At Your Own Risk!

If you’ve ever seen a Chucky movie, you probably already get the heebie jeebies around dolls—but if you thought that was bad, wait until you learn the creepy story about this doll video! This super creepy doll called Peggy is allegedly causing terrifying things to happen to anyone who dares to view photos or videos of her. One British woman reportedly suffered a heart attack after viewing a video, and other viewers have reported pains, nausea, headaches, and so much more.

Jayne Harris, a paranormal investigator, said that she’s been flooded with messages from people describing the weird—and downright creepy—things that happened to them after looking at photos and watching videos of Peggy.

Harris runs an organization called Haunted Dolls, and has personally interacted with and performed rituals with the Peggy doll.

Harris said that in addition to physical illnesses, people have reported flashing visions of mental asylums and abuse and getting anxious feelings. One woman even reported suffering a heart attack, another said the room went cold and her computer froze.

Others say that their light bulbs have gone out, and that they’ve felt a “presence” in their home after viewing Peggy.

Harris, who says she has also been victimized by the doll, says she believes Peggy is possessed by an evil spirit. Apparently the doll was sent to Harris after the previous owner reported night terrors, which she attributed to Peggy.

If you’re feeling brave, you can watch the video above to see the infamous haunted doll for yourself.