This Dad Has 40 Kids and Says He Wants More

This might be one of the craziest relationship stories we’ve come across in a while. Mike Holpin has a staggering 40 kids by 20 women, and is determined to have more. He is a known womanizer, and has been branded a “scum dad” by the media. He has even openly admitted that he doesn’t know some of his kids’ names.

Holpin, 56, and his 46-year-old fiancé Diane Morris, have gone on the record to set straight the rumors about their lifestyle and relationship.  Morris asserts that despite his history of womanizing their relationship is completely stable, The Mirror reported.

What’s more, the South Wales couple claim that their love is going to be forever.

“So what if he’s been married three times before, but I know this time it is forever,” said Morris. “We are crazy for each other.”

Holpin, a former alcoholic, has admitted that despite the fact that he has 40 kids—and doesn’t remember all their names—he would love to have more children. Unfortunately for the lovebirds, Morris is apparently unable to bear children due to medical issues.

The pair revealed the dirty details of how they can’t keep their hands off of each other. They also have refuted all allegations that Holpin frequents the dating site Plenty of Fish for casual flings with other women.

When Morris and Holpin met through the site, he originally told her he had fathered 22 children—and only later admitted that the actual number was “around 40 kids.”