This Dude Proposed to His Girlfriend with a Customized Monopoly Board (PHOTOS)

It’s a classic tale. Whenever people get together to play Monopoly, especially couples, happy, loving relationships oftentimes turn bitter and animalistic. Seriously. If you want to ruin a perfect date night, try playing a board game with someone. That’s when strong opinions about how it’s meant to be played start being communicated.

Monopoly might be one of the greatest board games of all time, but you’re pretty much asking for trouble when you begin arguing with your better half over the choice of player piece, who’s going to be the banker, or free parking rules.

However, one couple has lived up to Milton Bradley’s notion that Monopoly is actually supposed to bring people closer together.

Justin Lebon and fiancé, Michal Ott, really love playing the board game.

According to BuzzFeed Life, Justin created a customized version of Monopoly to propose to her. Needless to say, it was one of the most creative and private proposals we’ve ever seen. At first, it began as a project that would be a Christmas gift to his beloved, as the board they had been playing on was one he made in high school.

His buddy and woodworker Mark Becker helped Justin assemble it.

Obviously, every single property name was consistent with significant events and favorite places the couple had shared together or been to.

“The first thing I knew was that I could do something with the engagement ring and the luxury tax spot,” Becker told BuzzFeed Life. “I wanted to figure out how to make some kind of trap door underneath it, and it all came together while I was walking around work one day last November.”

Justin’s plan? He placed a proposal card on Chance, that way, seven spots into the game she would land on the spot hiding the engagement ring. He sneakily used a pair of loaded dice to ensure Michal would roll a seven on her first try.

Then, he got down on one knee and asked away.

Of course, she said yes.