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This Is The Best Way To Call In Sick When You Need A Day Off

We all need to play hooky sometimes, whether it be from school, work, or that mystery we call life.
Maybe you’re feeling sorry for yourself after a great night out, or you’re really, really tired – no, exhausted, because insomnia and life’s questions decided it was time to stop you from getting a decent night’s sleep (hate it when that happens).

Whatever the reason, if you decide to pull a sick day when you’re not actually sick, you’ll need to prepare yourself because you don’t want to get caught faking sick – it’s embarrassing if your boss tells you to come in anyway and you’re there pretending to cough all day like you did on the phone. Plus, you’ll probably end up with a sore throat from all that pretend coughing.

It’s important to be strategic about it. Think tactically here, and part of that involves knowing the best day and time of day to schedule and call in your sick day.
Attest, a market research company, studied 1,000 employees, and found that the absolute best time to call in for a sick day is a Tuesday morning at 6:38 am.
Tuesdays are great for this, primarily because calling in on a Monday or a Friday would just come off as you trying to have a long weekend (which, let’s be honest, you probably are). You’re more likely to be believed, and more likely to get away with it.
The best excuse? One that we’ve probably all used – stomach problems. With stomach problems, there’s no coughing or sore throat to fake, just a vague mention of something that no one wants to ask you about.

If you want to get really technical, November and December are the worst months to call in. Everyone else is calling in, and you might just be told to buck up and head on in, mission unaccomplished. It might be a good idea, then, to schedule your sick day in January or February, when everyone is back on their feet and in the office.
The real trick to getting your day off is to be brave, confident and assertive. Don’t back down, even if your boss accuses you of faking it. Sound apologetic and not at all like you’re planning to read the day away, tucked in your bed. Hell, convince yourself of your sickness if it makes you sound more convincing.
Commit to the lie, keep faking that cough (you’ll be a pro in no time), apologize, and then take the time to pamper yourself and get the peace and quite that you need.
If all else fails, make yourself sick.

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