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This Is the Terrifying Moment a Boat Carrying Tourists Capsizes Off Coast of Costa Rica, Leaving 3 Dead (VIDEO)

On January 8, 2015, the Pura Vida Princess set sail from Playa Herradura on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast en route to Tortuga Island. The boat never reached it’s destination.

A fun outing soon turned into a nightmare for these tourists.

The terrifying footage featured in the video above shows the moment the 100ft catamaran capsizes and sinks, forcing 106 people into the ocean. It happened within a matter of minutes, and people can be heard screaming in terror.

Passenger Alexis Esneault filmed the entire ordeal on her GoPro camera. It is the first video that has been released showing the tragedy.

Before sinking, you can see tourists listening to music and enjoying drinks on deck. Apparently, the boat tipped and began filling with water due to high winds and choppy water.

Three people died in the incident, including Edna Oliver, 68, Sharon Johnson, 70, and Ivor Stanley Hopkins, 80.

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