This Is What Happens When You Eat Crack Mid-Arrest

Being arrested is a jagged pill to swallow but a Georgia woman named Linda Blank gives that cliche a whole new meaning.

It’s not clear what made the police approach Blank in the first place, possibly some strange behavior as a result of being high, but soon after they approached her it turned out that the 48-year-old was wanted for alleged probation violation and shoplifting charges.

According to police, Blank was on foot when they went up to her. Almost immediately, she began eating what was left of her stash of crack after she was stopped by them on Cleveland St. in Douglas. As she was being detained, agents from the Douglas-Coffee Drug Unit realized she was trying to consume the drugs again. They stopped her from finishing off the stash and recovered the illegal substance.

Obviously, Blank was also hit with an additional possession of cocaine charge in addition to the original charges she was sought for.

Blank was taken to the Coffee County Jail where she posed for the very memorable mug shot you see above. She remains in custody, according to jail officials.

And folks, this is why you shouldn’t smoke or eat crack!